Pullover with braid pattern and raglan yoke
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Pullover with braid pattern and raglan yoke

knitted sweater

This elegant pullover is knitted from high-quality yarn. The braid pattern transitions into a yoke with a distinct ribbed structure. Thanks to the folded placket, the stand-up collar holds its shape well.

Dimensions: 38-40 (42-44).


You will need: yarn (100% baby alpaca wool; 200 m/100 g) – 700 g milky white; knitting needles No. 4; circular knitting needles No. 4, 60 cm long.


Ribbed Pattern: In all odd circular rows, knit all stitches with knit stitches; in all even circular rows, knit 1 knit and 1 purl alternately.

Braid pattern on 10 loops: knit according to the pattern. It shows only the front rows. In purl rows, knit all stitches according to the pattern. Repeat repeat and 16 rows in height.

knitting pattern

Knitting density: 24 p. x 30 r. = 10 x 10 cm with braided and ribbed patterns.

Front and back: On needles No. 4, cast on 122 (132) sts and knit between the edges with the “Braid” pattern. After 33 cm from the initial row for raglan bevels on both sides, decrease 1 time by 12 (14) sts, then put all the loops aside.

Sleeves: Using knitting needles No. 4, cast on 50 (54) stitches for each sleeve and knit between the edges in a “Braid” pattern, starting from arrow A (B) of the pattern. For bevels of sleeves on both sides in every 6th r. add 1 p. according to the pattern 14 times, and then in every 5th r. add 10 times 1 p. After 45 cm from the initial row for raglan bevels on both sides, close 1 time 12 (14) p., then put all the loops aside.

Raglan yoke: start knitting the yoke in the middle of the back: 49 (52) sts of the left half of the back, 74 sts of the left sleeve, 98 (104) sts of the front, 74 sts of the right sleeve and 49 (52) sts of the right half of the back, transfer to circular knitting needles , while marking the first 6 and last 6 loops of each part. In the resulting groups of 12 loops, knit 2 purl, 8 knit and 2 purl, knit the remaining loops with a ribbed pattern. For raglan decreases, knit the last 2 stitches before the mark together, and after marking, remove the loop as a knit stitch, knit the next loop and pull the removed loop through it (= 2 stitches, knit with a slant to the left). In each circular row, 8 loops are decreased. Next, perform decreases 7 times in every 3rd circle, and then another 17 times in every 4th circle. After 30 cm from the beginning of the yoke, knit another 5 cm for the inside of the neckline and close all the loops using an elastic method.

Assembly: Lightly moisten the pullover, stretch according to the dimensions indicated on the pattern and leave until dry. Sew seams under the sleeves (loops closed in a straight line). Then sew the side seams and sleeve seams. Fold the inner side of the strip to the wrong side and sew it to the raglan bevels.

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